WELCOME to our Cavalier family.  We hope you enjoy our photos and information regarding this wonderful breed of dogs. Once you get to know a Cavalier, you never forget them. They get into your heart and there's no turning back.  Aside from being so adorable and beautiful, they are true companions with so much devotion and affection and yet they are hardy dogs that love to run in the fields.

The first time I ever saw a Cavalier was in 1998. The little guy was in a shopping cart at an Old Navy clothing store.  He was a tri-colored puppy. I was so taken by him that I couldn't help but stop this stranger to ask her what kind of dog she had. She replied, "a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" and from that moment on, my life changed for good. Within a year of that meeting, we acquired our first tri-colored Cavalier.  . 

 Leo, our first stud dog, comes from Champion lines and it shows. He is a  beautiful and vibrant dog who has given us a gorgeous selection of puppies.  We carry that line with our Snow White.
Brody was our next sire. He's a gorgeous, well-put together dog that is a true champion style dog from his pedigree of champions, right down to his personality. He has been siring fantastic puppies. 

Now the past 3 years, Clancy has been our main sire. He is the sweetest most agreeable boy you would ever want to meet. He comes from champion lines out of Germany and the  AKC, USA. He has produced excellent sound and healthy puppies for us. 

I am constantly researching new bloodlines and backgrounds of breeding Cavaliers throughout the U.S. to ensure the highest standards of animals we breed.

We have 3 children, (my daughter's video above)  that have grown up raising puppies with me. Once the puppies are age appropriate, our kids and their friends play with the pups generally on a daily basis.  Even with the kids older now, I keep that tradition of socializing the puppies with friends and family that area always anxious to visit them. Everyone wants to come over to see the babies.   From birth until they are about 5 weeks old, the puppies are gently held, stimulated, massaged and cuddled.  After 5 weeks of age, aside from cuddling and affection, playtime becomes a crucial asset in their development. They get free run of a room, daily, under supervision, to explore and play.   I begin house-training here at 5 weeks of age.  Buyers that have purchased a puppy from us have been very pleased with their ability to potty-train so quickly. This is a great benefit when buying from a breeder who works at it before they leave for their new families.

We only have 3  litters a year, at the most, so that we can give  important, individual attention to the Dam and Sire in order to produce a sound puppy. This is crucial in a successful breeding program. 

  1. In thisYoutube video above; is a video my daughter in her college years. She was challenged by her professor to find a photo and make a video out of it. It's wonderful to know I had such a loving impact on my daughter and my other two children-  while living my passion. Enjoy!


Our First Cavaliers- 1999