Receipt & Holding Agreement



The following agreement is between (breeder)                                      hereafter known as "Seller," and ,                                                                  hereafter known as "Purchaser."

In consideration of a deposit of $300.00, of which $300.00 is prepayment of purchase price of,                         Seller assigns Purchaser the option to acquire the puppy described below, guaranteeing that the puppy will not be sold to any party other than Purchaser for a period of


At the time Purchaser acquires physical possession of the puppy, that portion of the deposit taken and known as Surety of Action, shall be applied to the purchase price.



DAM:  (AKC#)


Color and Markings:
Date of Birth:


The Surety of Action deposit received by Seller in the amount of $300.00 is non-refundable if Purchaser voids this contract after the agreed days to purchase the puppy.


If puppy is unborn at the time of the deposit, the Purchaser must choose their puppy within the fifth week of age of the above stated litter of puppies.  If by the allotted time of five weeks from the date of birth of the litter of puppies, purchaser does not choose a puppy, then in that event, the deposit amount is non-refundable and this agreement is null and void. 



In the event the puppy is diagnosed with any genetic faults or develops a serious sickness while in the care of the breeder for the agreed upon days, the purchaser has the option to void the sale and receive his/her full deposit back. The Seller also has the option to void this sale if the above-stated problems occur while in the care of Seller and will give full deposit back to Purchaser.

We the undersigned have read, and understood and agree wit the terms of this contract.

Date of Signature                                                 




Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Placing a deposit?

    I normally do not take a deposit for a puppy until after a litter is born  and or I keep a waiting list for a deposit.   Normally I take a deposit for a puppy once a pregnancy is confirmed and you have been on a waiting list for that litter.

   Placing a deposit assures you a pick from my current & upcoming litters but the choice is yours. The deposit is refundable -- if you do not see a puppy at the time of selection, you may transfer the deposit to the next litter or get a refund.  I would not require anyone to take a puppy they are not happy with....since more importantly adoptive families to be satisfied and a correct match with their puppy.  I will contact you when it is time to pick out your puppy.


2.  If I am the 3rd person to give you a deposit for a pup, do I get 3rd choice? 

    Yes, basically the 3rd person to give a deposit would be 3rd in line for choice on a litter.  But, the first person isn't guaranteed "pick of the litter."  We always reserve the right to pick of the litter and choices change once a litter is born regarding color and sex of the puppy that a family is on a waiting list. It really is never set in stone.

3.  When will you have more puppies?

    Please check out our current litter page.   I will post our latest litter.

    Yes.  Every puppy comes with a health guarantee...See Guarantee page.  All of our adult dogs are screened for genetic defects.  We will not breed a dog that is not breed standard.  All background health checks are done on all of our Cavaliers.  If the new owner suspects their puppy has a problem, they should take the dog to their vet.  If it is found to have a genetic defect, the owner must present me with the Vet certificate, stating the problem.  I then will take the puppy to my Vet for a second opinion.  The owner pays all vet costs.  If the diagnosis is the same from both Vets, you return the puppy and registration.  We will then replace the puppy within the guidelines of the contract. 

4. Breeding Rights?

    We do give out breeding rights but only on occasion. I am very selective and do not promote it.  As more people request full breeding rights, there is going to be an over abundance of these dogs, that are not bred for quality, but quantity and many of them are already being mixed with other breeds.  There are many qualities and health issues to consider when breeding the Cavaliers. It is of utmost importance that the integrity of this breed be protected as it continues to become more and more  popular.

5.  Do you think I should crate my puppy at night?

    Yes, we believe puppies should be crated a night. If a pup is allowed free access in your home, or even a room at night he will get into trouble.  The biggest problems are soiling in the house and chewing things that he's not suppose to.  A young pup needs a safe place that is for them alone.  Most puppies will not soil in their crate.  If a puppy has a large enough area they will wake up and pee somewhere and then go back to sleep somewhere else.  A puppy doesn't like to soil its own sleeping area because it needs to sleep there.  It is more difficult to house break a puppy that doesn't have a crate than a pup that does have a crate.  Also, the puppy would be safer at night in a crate.  There are possibilities of the puppy chewing on electrical cords, falling down steps, getting into the garbage, or chemicals kept under the kitchen sink.

6.   Are they AKC registered?

                        Our puppies are AKC registered and our male is DNA tested by AKC.  

7.  How often do I feed my puppy?

    Most puppies should be fed three times a day, until they are about 4 to 6 months old.  Then change it to twice a day.  Our puppies feeding times are 7 am, 12 noon, and 6pm.  It is harder to house break a puppy that always has access to a full food bowl.

8.  How do I house break my puppy?

    A puppy's body is not mature enough for muscle control of its bladder until it is 3 1/2 to 4 months of age.  Bowel control is usually faster. Tips and tricks:  PATIENCE, CONSISTENCY, AND ROUTINE!  All puppies need their own secure sleeping area. (Crate)  A puppy usually will not void or defecate in their sleeping area.  Do not give a puppy food or water past 7 p.m.  No food after 6 p.m.  Obviously, this time can be adjusted if it is very hot or the puppy has had a big play time.  This gives the puppy plenty of opportunity to be able to go to bed with an empty bladder.  Keep the puppy in site at all times!  After 20 minutes let the puppy outside and give the command, for example "go potty." 

        Take puppy outside:

As soon as a puppy wakes up.

Right after a puppy eats or drinks.

After 20 minutes of playtime.

It doesn't take long for a puppy to learn.  Make a schedule for "potty time," playtime, eating, etc.  When you take the puppy outside always tell him "Outside."  He then learns the command.  If you catch a puppy in the act of having an accident in the house, pick him up mid-stream and say "no" in with a firm tone.  NEVER hit a puppy or rub a puppies nose in his own mess.  This does not teach the puppy anything good or positive.  You can show the puppy the pee smelling cloth (after you clean it up) and say "No Potty in House."  Then lovingly, but firmly take the puppy and the cloth outside.  Put the cloth on the ground and say "Go Potty Outside."  Let the puppy smell the cloth.  Remember to watch your puppy closely and recognize the "need" for him to go outside.

A little more information:


1.  Our puppies are vaccinated at 7 weeks with NeoPar vaccine .  Many vets recommend different schedules for vaccines.  Please check with your vet for continued boosters and vaccines that are required in your area and recommended by your vet.  We also worm our puppies at 2 weeks intervals.

2.  Before Puppies go to their new homes they will have been started on the process of house training and crate training.  It is important that they have a routine and consistency in order for them to learn where to use the bathroom, eat, sleep etc.  Cavaliers are very gentle, loving puppies.  A firm tone of voice is all you need to make the appropriate correction.